Encounter :: Dean & Dan Caten of Dsquared

I've had some pretty amazing adventures in the past few weeks (which partly explains my absence). Monday was a prime example!

Me and my best friend decided to play hookie from work and had an all day excursion like we always do. During our journey we stopped by Michael Levine so I could pick up some fabric for class. For those of you who don't know, Michael Levine is probably the most renowned fabric store in Los Angeles. The selection is crazy. It's seriously a designers dream in there. It's a little more expensive than the norm, but the quality is incomparable.

So, when we were walking in we noticed that there was a camera crew outside the store. We didn't really think much of it. I mean, this is L.A. and they're always filming something downtown. Right as I walked in the store I recognized a familiar face. OH SHIT! It was none other than one of the Caten Twins (I don't know which one it was cause...they're twins! LoL!), the genius identical brothers behind the Dsquared2 high-end fashion label. I gasped and froze for a second. My best friend asked what was wrong cause it was clear I was having a minor panic attack. After explaining I bolted back to my car to grab my camera. Long story short, due to filming and the numerous producers and crew members standing around, I was unable to get a picture with them. I was pissed! I live for moments like that! The only image I managed to get was the blurred one you see above that Misch took when we drove away.

I was partially to blame though. If I hadn't wasted time being starstruck and remembered my camera in the first place, I probably would have been able to get a picture and some words of encouragement. Oh well. I still cherish the memory. AND I might be lurking in the background of whatever they were filming the store. I have a hunch it was Project Runway since they just moved to L.A., but no one would tell us.

I was able to pick out some great fabric with help from my sister Kianna and the homie Dee.Nice, who I just happened to run into also in the store. Good times...

Sub-encounter: The craziest thing about spazzing out and not getting a picture with Dean & Dan Caten is the fact that I had done the very same thing the week before. Baby and I were having lunch at Cilantro in Marina Del Rey. Up pulls a Lincoln Towncar and out walks Vanessa & Angela Simmons! I was too 'struck to ask for a picture. I had several opportunities to ask too, cause they passed us while we eating lunch outside like 40 times and Baby even said to me, "I have my camera in my purse. I know you want a picture. Just ask them." She knows me so well.

What the hell is wrong with me??? I need to pull it together!


LaLa | April 6, 2009 at 10:17 AM


what were you thinking!!! lol