Favorite Pieces of the Day :: 05.08.09

This McGarry leather canoe backpack is killing me! I love the construction and shape. It's big enough to store all the essentials, but not too big to make you look like a high school student.

There's not much to say about this tan Hackett holdall. It speaks for itself.

It's hard to find a nice high-end short that not above the knee. I can appreciate the style, but just not for me. Loden Dager must have gotten the memo. Their pleated blue chambray short pants are thee perfect summer short. I'm on it.

I love to see simple concepts that people seem to outlook. A couple of months ago I posted Dee & Ricky's Lego bow tie. Simple construction, genius concept. Today, I came across the beautiful linear black bow tie by Mjolk you see above.