Get Lucratif!

#TeamWin was in full effect this past Saturday night for a showing of our very own, designer Christina Valenzuela's collection, Lucratif Street! Keisa Sullivan (of KS Consulting, Inc) and I served at stylists for the night! Along with a showcase of brilliant head pieces by JNG Floral Designs, a very energetic audience at Vanguard in Hollywood cheered models on as they got a preview of the latest collection from Lucratif. Before we could even get the models back backstage, we were bombarded with inquiries from Vanguard's guests who wanted to know where they could get the pieces they'd just seen! We had SO much fun and I'm definitely looking forward to next #teamwin project to come!

From the company: A lot of people ask, “What does Lucratif Street mean?” Well both words are carefully defined and when they come together it creates Lucratif Street. Lucratif is a new way of spelling “lucrative” and if you don’t know what that means let me break it down. It means ‘money-making, highly profitable’. In the new spelling ‘abundant in all aspects, creatively determined to succeed, goal-breaking hustler’ can be added to that definition. Street. That part is simple. The place where you came from, your ‘hood, your block, your suburbs. Wherever and whatever you come from that has made you who you are today. Those obstacles put in your path that you climbed over. Together the words make “Lucratif Street”.

A place where the motto “Making Something Out Of Nothing” comes from. Get Lucratif.