Dollars In My Mouth :: Part II

I've been slacking a bit on my promise of keeping everyone updated on my progress in my design classes. This past week, lesson #3 began. We're making pajamas! Yay! LoL! I haven't had the time I need to go fabric shopping like I want. I really need to go downtown to Michael Levine's, but that'll have to wait until after this week (I'll have a lot more free time after this weekend). In the meantime, I've been just running up the street to JoAnn's to get the muslin and cotton that I needed. Clothing Construction I has been very interesting so far. First, I've learned that sewing is not even half as easy as it looks. Next, I've learned a great deal about fabric in general - how to cut it; how to measure it; what to look for it, etc, etc. It really makes you look at garments in a completely different light and makes you appreciate the time and effort put into everything you wear. The picture above is me tracing a pattern for my pajamas. I'm not in love with my fabric choice, but trust, it was the best they had. I'll post pictures when they're finished...

I didn't get a good picture of them, but these are my 2 newest buddies in the class, the 2 Ashleys. I freakin love them already!They're merchandising majors and they hate sewing, but we make class interesting for each other.


I forgot to post lesson #1. We had to make felt needle wallets by hand. My professor told us to select colors and elements that are reflective of our own personal style and aesthetic. I chose the beige & royal felt and brown thread because I love earth tones against vibrant primary colors. I added the button because it reminded me a lot of the buttons on my dad's blazers that he used to rock in the 80s. Classic touch. I got a 17.5 out of 18. She said my threading wasn't even... :-P I doubt I'll post pictures of lesson #2. It's pretty boring; just seems sewn onto off-white muslin.


LaLa | March 13, 2009 at 9:05 AM

I'm so proud of you!


love u


Mustang Sally | March 16, 2009 at 9:48 AM

excellent, and no sewing is not easy, so trust me when people are willing to sew stuff for you for free(like i was) it means they REALLY love you

MJ Brewer | March 17, 2009 at 5:51 PM

Chris, you had BETTER get your fashion LIFE!!! I'm waiting for you to develop the first stylish, chic, and affordable line for the big boys -- I'll be your first model ;) So proud of you for following your passion -- that's the mark of a TRUE Morehouse Man...

BTW, CONGRATS on crossing the burning sands of Alpha Phi Alpha!!! GET YOUR LIFE!!!!

Anonymous | March 19, 2009 at 10:46 AM

Wow! You're really making moves! I love this! Good luck in your fashion endeavors.