Improv :: The Polo

You ever see something online or in stores and instantly begin salivating? That's exactly what happen while reading an article on Kempt titled, "You're Only as Young as You Feel." In the post they highlight Band of Outsiders' new collection of perfectly designed polos --- particularly one that they joking liken to an Osh Kosh shirt. Even though it was meant to be funny, that's exactly what appealed to me about it. The "This is Not a Polo" shirts maintain the classic cut, while giving you that retro childrenswear feel. So very brilliant.

Although I LOVE Band of Outsiders, I cannot afford that $175 price tag for one shirt. Luckily, I have the knowledge and where-with-all to "improv" with looks that I really like. I was fortunate enough to stumble across this polo shirt at Goodwill for a measly $5! Even more surprising than the fact that I was able to find a similar patch-colored polo, was the fact that it was a Cintas shirt! For some reason they had a bulk of brand new Cintas uniform shirts that hadn't been used. I didn't question it. I just swiped my card and left happy.

Always remember to improvise when you cannot afford the look you want. There is always a cheaper alternative.
Wardrobe rundown: Straw trilby ($2, Goodwill), Cintas polo ($5, Goodwill), grey Levi's jeans ($35, Levi's), red Vans Canvas Authentic ($40, Vans).