Black Father

I stumbled across this photo on Twitter that a friend posted. I was so touched that I had to post it here. This photo is worth far more than a thousand words. It's priceless. I'd love to see it on billboards in Black neighborhoods across the country reinforcing the impact a Black father has in the life of his children (or the effects of the lack thereof).

I can speak from first hand experience the importance of having a father in my life. My Dad was and still is a phenomenal father and figure in my life. He was always there. I mean, always! There to teach and guide me. Give me advice. Discipline me when I needed it. And above all, he loves me unconditionally and has no issues with showing it.

Powerful, powerful image. Please share it...


Nicola | November 3, 2009 at 6:15 PM

You said it best! I, too, would love to see this on billboards in Black neighborhoods across the country...


Picture it: a movement to replace images of alcohol, hair weaves and rappers with pictures like this - of strong, supportive (and healthy) black families!

I love it...