Review :: Blackberry Tour

Once again, thanks to Ant, I was able to upgrade my shitty Blackberry Storm to the new Blackberry Tour. I'm definitely pleased with the change. It's great to be back with a phone with keys and not that click/touch screen crap. Besides that, the phone functions 100 times better. Since I've had it, it's only froze once and I'm going to just chalk that up to being my fault because I was trying to do way too much at one time. The new operating system is much more compatible with this phone and does exactly what I want it to do, when I want it to happen. No more waiting.

I have to say though that I've grown increasingly intrigued with the iPhone. Although I'd pledged my undying loyalty to BlackBerry (RIM), Apple seems to be doing their homework to ensure that users are able to do everything plausible with there phones. I just feel like BlackBerry should boast the same features, if not more. They've been making phones for the 10+ years, while Apple's only been in the game a couple.

Let's step it up RIM!


Issa Rae | October 21, 2009 at 8:37 AM

Man, I'm really hoping the second BlackBerry Storm steps it up. I would've been an iPhone owner a long time ago, but I'm stuck with Verizon. I love the BlackBerry and all, but the iPhone can do no wrong right now.