Marge Simpson for Playboy Magazine

If you didn't already know, the featured celeb for the November issue of Playboy Magazine is none other than Fox 11's favorite animated mom, Marge Simpson. Having a business degree and being someone who's just fascinated with all things branding, advertising, and positioning, I have to applaud Playboy for the idea. I mean, they have to constantly be asking themselves how to stay relevant in a dying market. Men used to purchase the infamous magazine because there wasn't too many available materials with pornographic content. But in these days, both pornography and photos of scantly clad celebs are available at the click of a mouse...for free. Stars aren't even selling their photos to the magazines anymore. They're making their own sex videos and selling them to studios, while trying to make the public believe they were stolen *rolls eyes*. But again, great idea. I'm going to go out and actually buy a copy because I know this will be a collector's edition.

If it were up to me though, I would have made this one an entire cartoon issue featuring the most popular animated babes of all time (i.e. Jessica Rabbit, Lois Griffin, Betty Boop, etc). Just a thought...