LMAO! George Foreman has a reality show!


WHO in the hell gave George Foreman a reality show?!?! TV Land! That's who.

I was in the barber shop the other day and out of nowhere, the show just comes on. I didn't even know he had one. Anyway, it was probably thee most scripted reality show I've ever seen. George is a terrible actor! LoL! But, I have to give it to both him and TV Land for following the example of 'Run's House.' I'm all for ANY positive portrayals of Black families on television - or anywhere for that matter. George is definitely a family man - great father and husband. AND he's preacher. Which I didn't know. I still can't get over the fact that he named ALL of his sons George and one of his daughters Georgette. That's SO weird! Haha!

Kudos to George Foreman and TV Land.