This past Tuesday I had my preliminary interview at FIDM with my admissions counselor. I've passed by the campus millions of times on random trips downtown, but never really paid attention. From the outside, it looks like all the other buildings. Or so I thought...Let's just say that I wasn't ready for what ensued.

First, the campus is private. The most a non-student can do is visit the scholarship store or hang out on the grass in the quad. There's security everywhere! When you get on the elevator to go to the admissions office or classroom, you have to show state and student I.D. When I got off the elevator to go to the admissions office my mouth dropped to the floor. EVERYTHING on FIDM's campus is beautifully designed. And I expected it to be, but not to the level that it actually was. It's fuckin gorgeous, hands down! I've never seen anything like it.

Long story short, I met with my admissions counselor and ended up talking to her for an hour and a half! She was SO cool! Then, she gave me a tour of the campus. I'm official in LOVE and even more excited to attend then I was before!

I'm officially in the admissions process. My interview with the admissions board is in a couple of weeks. Pray for me!

Downtown L.A. at glance.

Lunch with my BFF.

The Christian Dior wall.

Even the fuckin bathrooms were stylish.

Student wall of fame.


kenna | September 23, 2008 at 6:18 PM

love your blog! i can totally relate...major career change into something we love...fashion!