last saturday :: ink, holes and lamb saag

Sometimes my best friend and I go on these excursions. Missions that only include the two of us. No one else is invited. We set out with a certain goal and run around tirelessly until we achieve it. Saturday's mission: Ink, Holes, and Lamb Saag.

Mission accomplished.

Ugly-beautiful day in L.A.

World famous Body Electric on Melrose

The look of fear before she gets her very first tattoo.

Eric, her tattoo artist.


The finished product. LOVE. She had it all mapped and planned out. The only missing part is the ring.

My turn.

Don't flinch. It didn't hurt.

The finished product. Black onyx lip ring. Very subtle, lowkey and SO me. I love it! *Please people. NO swagger jacking this time. You know who you are.

Gill's Cuisine of India in Downtown L.A. Hands down some the BEST Indian food I've EVER had! The lamb saag was my absolute favorite.

Celebrating Kaari's birthday! Hope you enjoyed it babe!


Curtiss King | November 6, 2008 at 11:11 AM

So proud of this nigga right here. Yes that is indeed YOU.

Tats on arms, Piercings on the face, art classes, and fashion school....careful! We might actually be accused of being ourselves. lol

LaLa | November 6, 2008 at 1:40 PM

that picture is just too sexy for words. I love it the most. I usually dont like the lip pierching but it really does suit you. very nice.