Weekend [Cable] TV Roundup 11.24.08


Last night's season finale had all true fans on the edge of seats, holding our breathe wondering what would happen. The guys return to New York after Smoke Jumpers gets canned, Gus Van Sant gives Vince gives Vince a thumbs up, Jamie Lynn admitted to the guys that she's fucking Turtle, Vince gets a part in Scrosese's new adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby,' and E & Vince get in a huge fight...then make of up, of course.

Nothing especially exciting happened. I thought maybe they'd have E work alone until the middle of next season or Vince be forced to stay in L.A. because he couldn't find out work or something, but no. We got the same formula.

Even still, I'm still a loyal fan of the show and I'll definitely be watching next season.


Dexter is arguably the best written show on television right now. I rarely ever blog or talk about the show because SO MUCH happens in every episode.

There hasn't been a single episode all season that disappointed me. Not one. On last night's episode Miguel decided that he was going to murder Ellen Woods on his own. Dexter was understandably pissed, but as always kept his cool under pressure. He also found out that the shirt that Miguel gave him had cow's blood on it and not Freebo's. Phew! I was on the edge of my seat!

I can't wait to see what happens...


Another well written show, Big Love, returns this January (good month// my birthday and Obama gets inaugurated). The show is about a pologamist family in Utah. The first season was good. The second was flawless and tremendously entertaining. If you're not familiar with the show, please, go out of rent the first and second season in time to catch up for the start of the third. You won't be disappointed! I guarantee you!


I've been on pins and needles, crossing my hands (and toes), hoping that Flight of the Concords got renewed this year. Before watching Entourage last night, it was confirmed the hilarious HBO comedy would indeed be returning for a second season in January along with Big Love. Thank you HBO! The television gods are truly showing me some love!


After watching Entourage last night I decided to give Summer Heights High a chance since all I had to do was laundry. As described by Wikipedia, the show is an "Australian television dockumentary series written by and starring Chris Lilley. It is a satirical parody of high school life epitomised by its three protagonists: effeminate and megalomaniac "Director of Performing Arts" Mr G; self-absorbed, privileged teenager Ja'mie King; and disobedient, vulgar Tongan student Jonah Takalua. It lampoons Australian high school life and many aspects of the human condition and is filmed in a documentary style, with lay people playing supporting characters."

I don't really care for British (or Australian) humor, but this show is hilarious! Definitely worth checking out.