Change of 'Heart'


A real man can admit when he's wrong and this is me doing just that. It seems that I jumped the gun and had some harsh words for Mr. West's newest LP '808s & Heartbreak.' I did myself a disservice by listening to the album for the first time on my headphones at work with a bunch of corporate chaos going on in the background. I am also guilty of not giving the record a fair chance as I had previously stated.

After MUCH debate and banter with friends over mine and their feelings about Ye's new album, I decided sometime last week to give it a second chance and listen to it in my car. For some reason, I don't really hear music until I listen to it there. I have a great sound system (not ghetto) and I always get to zone out while I'm driving. The result? I am indeed impressed. kanYe uses a lot of different elements of music that I didn't pick up the first time. I think I was so taken aback because while I'm not surprised by this album, I definitely wasn't expecting it (if that makes any sense). I misinterpreted his chosen form of self-expression as "emotional." And while I still feel that it is an emotional body of work, I couldn't see at first how necessary it was for his transition into a truly relevant artist. One of my friends said to me last week that they thought this album solidified Kanye's spot as a rockstar - that he's officially transcended the title of "hip-hop artist."

True story.

Also, click here to see Kanye's recent interview he did in New Zealand. Very interesting.

One of the things I love the most about the people who really know me is that my opinion truly matters to them. Especially when it comes to issues of love, life and FASHION.

By now everyone has to have seen the pictures of Kanye at the recent AMAs. Especially if you read this blog on a regular basis. One question that kept coming up is people asking me how I felt about the now infamous foxtail by TISA that Ye dawned. My answer: I LOVED it! It's always been extremely difficult to get creative with men's fashion. Unlike women we only have (and I'm just generalizing) jackets, shirts, tees, vests, jeans, pants, sneakers and dress shoes. So I'm all for anything that's a little (or a lot) daring and brings something new to the table. The foxtail was a nice touch and definitely something unexpected. I give Mr. West and Taz Arnold two thumbs up for that one.

Mario? Okay, I read one blog where someone said that Ye's fit reminded them of Mario 3 for Nintendo. I thought that was hilarous.


Crown Royal on Ice | December 4, 2008 at 11:16 AM

Thank you kindly for your reconsideration of 808's. I have been arguing in support of Ye's peice with folks since before the CD dropped...

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Everyone should look past the autotune overkill and examine the album for what it is - a peice of artwork.