My Cousin James

This holiday season has been so hectic. So many of my friends and family are home from out of town and I haven't been able to hang out with everyone like I want. Fortunately, I had a minute to stop by and see my cousin James. He and I are extremely competitive when it comes to fashion. He acknowledges that I'm a tad bit flyer than he is and I admit that he is merely one step behind me. One of the very few people I'd even dare to put in the same category as myself. Simply put, he makes me proud to call him fam!

James, who is a senior at my alma mater Morehouse College, just returned from a 10 day tour of Egypt. How baller is that shit? Anyway, I brought a couple of things over to show him that I had purchased earlier that day (5 novelty t-shirts I picked up from Steve & Barry's going out of business sale, 2 pair of glasses, and 2 bow ties). He approved, but little did I know he was about to completely kill me. He pulls out the pieces that he copped from Egypt. He has a collection of some of the most beautiful scarves I've seen in a while (including 2 Louis Vuitton scarves; one of which is pictured above). Needless to say I was so envious (but proud at the same time). But the ultimate KILLER was the GORGEOUS camel skin weekend bag you see pictured above and below. I think I sprouted one single tear.

Good show cuzzo!


Sirius C | January 2, 2009 at 8:23 PM

Yes, that Camel skin bag is indeed BALLER...

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Hollywood | January 3, 2009 at 8:22 AM

Thats one fly mofo lol. A toast to freashness good sir.