Dexter :: Season 3 Finale

If you're not watching Dexter then I don't know what you're doing with your life. If you have never watched the show and are unfamiliar, my advice is run - DON'T walk - to your local Blockbuster and rent the first and second seasons. Then reserve season three on Netflix. Dexter is wildly entertaining. I'd even say that it's the best show on cable television. And yes, that includes Entourage (I'm a loyal fan, but it's gotten stale).

I'm very pleased with the finale and the entire season, in general. Each one ends so well it leaves you wondering where the writers could possibly go from here. I feel like they focused a lot more on all the characters this season and really developed them (even Masuka). In addition to having interesting characters the show has remarkable actors and imaginative writers. Each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Episode (and season) recap:
- Angel, Masuka and Debra found love.
- Dexter made a real friend for the first time in his life through Miguel Prado...then killed him.
- LeGuerta stepped her game and integrity up.
- Rita lied to Dexter about being married twice before.
- Debra found out that Harry cheated on her mother. But what she doesn't yet know is that it was with Dexter's birth mother.
- Dexter and Rita got married.

My favorite moment during last night's episode is when Dexter was "talking" to his father and told him he forgave him for everything. Then he went on to talk about how he was looking forward to becoming a father and how he wanted nothing more than to be there for his son. For the first time in 3 seasons, Dexter showed some real emotion. His character is evolving and I can't wait to see what they do with him next...

Season 4, enter Baby Morgan!