Random Holiday Ranting...

First of all I want to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I would do it tomorrow, but I'm a firm believer that the holidays should be spent with loved ones. I'll probably check my facebook or something, but no blogging for me.

This is the first time in years I've been in the holiday spirit. I don't know if it's the kids or the weather or what it is, but I've really been enjoying it all this year. I know I'm not getting anything really, but I still can't wait for tomorrow!

I need friends who are photographers!!! I really want some new photography for some things I have in the works. If you know anyone let me know!

Okay, let me just go ahead and say it. Seven Pounds sucked! Bad! I'm really getting sick of Hollywood hyping all these new movies up with these terrible plots. I'm not going to spend much time explaning why I am hated it.

Simply put: It was long, slow, pointless...and at the end of the film Will Smith's character offs himself by way of jellyfish and donates his eyes to a blind man. WTF??? I literally laughed out loud in the theather. Were they kidding me with that bullshit? I'm still doing my research, but I'm almost 100% sure that it's impossible to donate your eyes!

Booo Seven Pounds!


Sirius C | December 24, 2008 at 11:53 PM

I was wondering about the eye thing too but come on...it didn't suck. Like I say in my blog, if this film was made 15 years ago everybody would love it. But today's audience is too "sophisticated" and critically pretentious to let their guard down and put themselves in a dramatic character's shoes. Much respect to your opinion though. MOREHOUSE 03'

Go and comment on what I say about 7 Pound on my blog:

C. Ayers | December 26, 2008 at 1:25 PM

To my knowledge, you can actually donate your eyes.

But based on a few reviews (including yours), I won't be going to see this movie. Thanks for saving me $12.