DIY :: The SB Briefcase

Before the messenger bag, there was the briefcase. Think back to a time when men wore those wool double-breasted suits and carried those boxey leather briefcases with all those "important" documents in them. No matter what the contents, it gave the impression that guy meant business. As much as I love my collection of messenger bags, there's something so distinguished about a briefcase. Somewhere along the way we traded one in for the other and forgot about that distinction.

Last week while sifting through the mountain of bags in one of my favorite thrifts I came across this old camel colored briefcase and fell in love. Although I didn't have a specific plan for it, I saw so much potential in it. I thought I'd spend the $5 and figure it out later...and I did!

Thursday night I had an epiphany about how to give this bag "new life." Friday morning I woke up with purpose! After a good workout at the gym, I hit the streets of downtown's Fashion District. I think I may have walked every inch of the 2 mile radius in search of the perfect pieces, visiting every fabric, trim and button store I could find with the bag in hand. After purchasing a bunch of different stuff I went home and got to work. My aim was to create something that gave the briefcase some "color," while maintaining its distinguished quality and making it me.

What you see above and throughout this post is the finished product! This is my custom SB briefcase, with my embroidered initials, the white teddy bear and subtle black button on the back. It took a couple of hours and it is so well worth it. I showed it to a couple of friends this weekend and everyone seemed to love it! Chuva did ask me last night what the significance of the bear was as everything I do is intentional. I feel like a teddy bear is very symbolic. As children they represented a "security blanket" that comforted and gave us the confidence to sleep throughout the night. Fashion is that thing for me today. Whoever said clothes don't make the man was a damn lie! While I don't agree that clothes make you who you are, they definitely present the best you to the rest of the world and tell a story of who you are. This teddy bear, my sense of style, is one of my many sources of my confidence.

If you want your own custom piece, holler at me@sethbrundle. I already have a couple in the works for people who got a sneak peek this weekend. And as always, rates are TBD...


Randy Z. | March 17, 2010 at 10:21 AM

clothes definitely dont make the man, but they do enhance.

that briefcase is a great contribution to the game.

LaLa | March 17, 2010 at 10:36 AM

awwe I love this!!!

Anonymous | March 23, 2010 at 10:14 AM

Heeey What thrift store was this? This is Emore'J From L.A Fashion Week