"Red" does the Sony/Columbia Showcase

This past Saturday, I went out to Cinespace in Hollywood to support friend, designer and recording artist Danni Rouge at the Sony/Columbia Music showcase. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to see her perform! "Chelsey" is also the creative force behind the insanely innovative accessories collection, Bullets & Bows. Since I met her on the fashion circuit, I had no idea she was also a talented singer and hadn't heard any of her music.

Armed with her fiery red hair, Coco & Breezy shades and BLOW Collection shirt Danni began her set belting Lauryn Hill's "Ready or Not" a cappella . She immediately grabbed the attention of the Sony/Columbia A&R's and audience members who were falling asleep from all the horrid performances before hers. She continued with her own music with the crowd rockin' right along with her. Everyone at Cinespace fell in love with Danni's powerful voice, thoughtful lyrics, dope beats and stage presence. Her press kits were snatched up by record execs before she could even get off stage and guests asked for pictures as she made her way to interview with Drop Your Talent TV.

Click here to learn more about Ms. Rouge and her music!


LaLa | March 1, 2010 at 2:44 PM

please tell me how to get like you..

miss that face btw