My Sartorial Roots :: "Play" Clothes

People are always asking me, "Where'd you get IT from?" While I'm sure my oh-so-stylish mother would love to take credit and I'd agree, I'd also argue that IT just didn't come from one place. Hence the My Sartorial Roots series.

Going through some old family photos I ran across these of my younger brother Josh and I playing in my father's clothes. This was probably one of my favorite pass times as a kid. I loved going in my dad's closet that smelled like leather and mahogany, yanking his blazers off the wooden hangers, grabbing a pair of shoes and walking around the house like a "grown up."

I love this series cause it's almost like conducting a genealogical study to find out who/why I am me, I guess. While they were just jackets to me at the time, I didn't realize I was taking note of my father's style and graphing elements into my own personal tastes. My dad probably doesn't consider himself a stylish person, but in retrospect he always kept a classic collection of blazers and dress shoes. It's no wonder why tweed is my all-time favorite menswear fabric. It started early and my affinity for it developed over the years, resurfacing from time to time. Evidence of which can be seen in the background design of my site's layout. Haha!

Thanks, Pop!


LaLa | March 17, 2010 at 10:34 AM

It was meant to be <33

& yet even more adorable today ;)