SB Custom Bag :: Happy Birthday Pants!

My "Super" friend Aminah, who's a grad student at the University of California at Berkeley, came down to LA this past week to celebrate her birthday with us. Amongst my numerous responsibilities as a host, I figured a quick trip to the thrift was only appropriate on our long list of things to do. And as always the thrift yielded some great finds!

Aminah and I both came across this awesome vintage, pale-blue hat box from the 1950s that even still included the original price tag. I figured what better birthday gift than to give her something custom-made, from the heart.

The photos you see throughout this post are of the piece before and after I put my spin on it. I was happy that she loved the finished product; which I completed like 5 minutes before I dropped her off at the airport. These things are not easy! Haha!

I still have a few more pieces I'm working on for people that'll be up in the coming weeks! I'll keep you guys posted.