Style Wars :: The Office, Part IV

How ironic that during this edition of the Style Wars :: The Office series I was just laid off from my 9-to-5. Haha! No worries! That was truly the job from hell I've been more than ready to move on to bigger, and definitely, much better things and God delivered! I just think of this as a push in the right direction and more time to work on what I love - ALL things men's life&style™!

Last week some friends and I decided to attend an exclusive networking event in Hollywood. Net Party is described as the nation's best-attended event for young professionals at "the first of its kind: a world class nightclub combined with the exclusivity of a house party." The event gave us an opportunity to network and speak with people that we probably otherwise wouldn't have. The expectation is to spark conversations up with total strangers based on common career fields indicated on your name tag. It was something very new to me. Contrary to popular belief, I'm painfully shy, but pushed through the nerves and networked my ass off! But you know me. Besides all the elbow-rubbing I was more concerned with what people were wearing. I have to say that I was particularly impressed with my friends and I. We definitely stood out amongst the crowd of terribly dressed men draped in your standard department store business attire. Joining me for this addition are my friends Mr. Dick Wolf and Cecil...

This is one of my favorite professional outfits because its nearly 100% thrift finds from head to toe. My wardrobe breakdown --- $5 Pink Moreno Shirt (Goodwill), $10 Scarf, $2 Brown Belt (Santee Alley), $8 Brown Wingtips (thrift), $2 Striped Socks (Old Navy)

What I love about Mr. Dick Wolf's outfit is his choice of patterns, textures and colors. There's an ingenious nature about it. His wardrobe breakdown --- $300 Suit/slacks by Sean John (gifts), $7 Hat (H&M), $3.50 Socks (H&M), $15 Sweater (H&M), $17 French Cuff Shirt (Nordstrom), $15 Silk Tie (Nordstrom), $35 Shoes (Stacey Adams), $12 Cuff Links (Kenneth Cole)

Here, Cecil breaks the rules of everything you learned about what colors "go together" as a child. Coffee brown and lavender? Hell yes! His wardrobe breakdown --- $30 Shirt (Express Men), $30 Calvin Klein Flat-Front Slacks (Burlington Coat Factory), $30 Watch (Aldo), $7 Tie by Alfani (Ross) $60 shoes (Zara)


LaLa | March 10, 2010 at 9:19 AM

is there anything better than a well dressed man?...