last night's Entourage

As always, a little over a month ago I was all hyped up about the new season of Entourage. I posted trailers and promo pictures. I was gushing, for the lack of a better term. You all know how much I love the show.

With the show being in it's 5th season, I've been expecting something to happen. Anything. It's been pretty stale for a while now, but an avid fan never gives up. So, I've been waiting...And, the season starts, and again, we're just watching the ups and downs of Vinny's fading career, random excursions, and Ari doing hilarious shit.

Just to recap last week's episode: (1) Turtle becomes Drama assistant - temporarily. (2) Dom's [boring ass] character makes another *yawn* appearance. (3) Alan Gray, Head of Warner Studios, dies out on the green while playing with Ari, and (4) Charlie sells a script. Big f-ing woop, right?

So, last night I get a call from my cousin James, who lives in Atlanta asking me if I'd seen the new episode. Even though I have Eastern HBO, I had not yet seen it. I couldn't understand why he was so excited. I'm thinking, NOTHING'S going to be different about this one.

...I was wrong. Ari Gold is being offered Alan Gray's position as Head of Warner Studios. The only person in the industry he tells is Vince, and I quote "Vin, I'm in a position to get you any movie you want. What do you think?" And all Vince can say is, "Well, I'd like to finish what we started, but..."


It's about to get good! FINALLY!

In the preview for next week's episode, it eludes to everyone giving Ari shit for considering the position. Leaving viewers thinking "will he take it?"

I swear, if Ari let's everyone guilt him into not taking the position and this doesn't develop into anything...dare I say...I might stop watching. I just might.


Patrick | October 22, 2008 at 9:54 AM

Couldn't agree more. This is the first time an Entourage episode has ever made me feel sad.