Inspiration: Street Fashion

No matter how inherently creative you are, inspiration comes from many places. It could be a color, an object, and for many - flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine. Sometimes if I'm standing in front of my closest and I have what my best friend and I call "flyer's block" (kind of like writer's block for fly people), I visit The Cobra Snake for a little inspiration.

Below are some photos I got from Cobra Snake of some street fashion I thought was pretty snazzy.

Kid Cudi is definitely putting a new spin on the trucker hat. The Supreme varsity shirt is pretty fly too.

Navy "leather" jacket? Sweet!

Classic blazer. Spot on good sir! *in bad British accent*

Leather jacket with the cardi...hmmm. I'll endorse it!

Tweed shorts, a bowtie, and saddle oxfords - YES!

Bush and bin Laden, BFFs? True story. I'm all for the novelty shirts.

GREAT suit and tie combo!

Scott Schuman's scarf game is always on point!

(On the left) Dude might look like he's crazy as cat shit, but the cerulium cardi with the suit and scarf works for me.

The belt and jeans are sick!

I think I found the male Rachel Zoe! LoL! I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this, but it works for him.

Dude needs to button his shirt, but the everything works so well together. I LOVE the jacket!

1985. I can't tell if this is a girl or guy, but it doesn't really matter. The jacket is hot and year was even hotter!