'In' Over Your Head

The hat is back! Wait...it left? Haha! GQ's latest style guide gives us the latest and greatest men's fedoras, trilbies, porkpies, and bowlers.


Left: At. J.J. Hat Center, Marc Williamson fits a fedora. Hat (on model)by Borsalino. Jacket(for suit), and shirt by Emporio Armani. Jeans by Armani Jeans.

Hat by Biltmore at J.J. Hat Center. Three-piece suit by Kenneth Cole New York. Shirt by Bamford & Sons. Tie by Top Gun. Shoes by John Varvatos.

Jacket by DKNY. Jeans by DKNY Jeans. T-shirt by Diesel. Sneakers by Puma.

Shirt, pants & belt, all by Benjamin Bixby. Hat (unknown).

Hat by Bailey.

Hat by Jonathan Richards.

Hat by Borsalino.


C | October 2, 2008 at 5:23 PM

hmm seth brundle huh? where'd that come from?