This week's Entourage

Last week I said that if Ari didn't take the job as Head of Warner Studios that I would stop watching the show, right? Well, I have to retract that statement. Reason being: the writers are actually making the show interesting again. Even though Ari's a bonafide asshole, he still has a heart and he couldn't just leave everyone at MGA hanging. He got word that the second runner up for the position was his archenemy Amanda Daniels. In attempts to make everyone happy Ari tries to bury the hatchet with Amanda by telling her that he will step down if she puts Vince in Smoke Jumpers. Amanda idiotically declines because of her foolish pride and Ari vows to take the job. Or so we thought...

In an interesting twist of events, Ari gets Dana Gordon the position as Head of Warner Studios. What does this all mean? Ari and MGA will have to work half as hard to get their clients jobs. YES!!!

That's what I call good TV.

Oh yeah, Turtle got jerked off on a plane by Jamie-Lynn Sigler. HA!