another one bites the dust.

Next up, joining my beloved Cargo magazine is Men's Vogue. They recently announced that the awkward little brother of the men’s magazine business is being downgraded from a bimonthly stand-alone mag to a semi-annual supplement to Vogue. In other words, they're getting rid of it.

Men’s Vogue (or Mogue for short) was always thought to be a bit confused, jumping from the usual profile fodder and high-end trad-wear to longform journalism pieces culled from the New Yorker’s reject pile, but it was never less than interesting.

I wasn't a big fan of Men's Vogue, but the news still makes me a little sad. I know men's fashion has a large audience, but I guess men are just not buying the magazines (not like women anyway).


C | November 1, 2008 at 1:11 PM

u should get on Men's's goood