Toys 'R' Us Kids: Dee & Ricky Jackson

If you follow fashion at all you might have noticed these subtle, haute ass Lego brouches and belt buckles. The creative force behind these accessories are 19 year old twins Dee & Ricky Jackson. They first appeared on the scene back in 2003 when they began designing belts with XBox game controller buckles as part of a marketing plan for the gaming system. They followed up with versions of their belts using other brands’ controllers and mini Etch-A-Sketches. The twins' Lego version belt and buckles appeared in the Marc by Marc Spring 2008 show in several forms including brooches, barrettes, and bolos. Many other stars, including Kanye West, took a liking to the Lego pieces. Dee & Ricky are currently working out an exclusive deal for the Mr. West's high end brand, Pastelle Clothing. Be on the lookout for these two...

Check them out HERE.