Curtiss King presents "Notorious Scholars"

My boy Dwan, aka Mr. Curtiss King, just finished and released his newest album "Notorious Scholars." Even though I've had it over a week, I wouldn't post it to my blog until I gave it a fair listen. I mean, I love him like my own brother, but if it's not good, I'm not posting it. So, I've taken the past week to get a feel for it and I LOVE it! D, you did again. This definitely redeems you for "President Howard." LoL!

Please support my boy and download his album here for free: CURTISS KING presents "NOTORIOUS SCHOLARS"



Curtiss King | October 23, 2008 at 12:26 AM

LOL! I love you bro. Thank you for always keepin it one hunned. No matter how Urban that sounds. lol