Redemption :: Thom Browne

You might remember about a month ago I went on a rant about Thom Browne's Spring 09 collection, right? As critical as the fashion industry is there's always room for redemption. I mean, who doesn't like a come back? Not like Thom Browne was out or anything like that. I had just temporarily written him off. Well, I was doing a little exploring this morning as I usually do and came across some his latest pieces for Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece Collection. It features proper coats, a great variety of shirts, ties, and knits, and of course Browne’s signature slacks [or formal shorts]. Black Fleece is produced at the source for the best quality possible - suits in Italy, cardigans in Scotland, and cotton shirts in the USA. I'm truly pleased with this collection and am desperately surfing the web to find more. Until then, check out some of my favorite pieces below.