My friends have always joked that this what type of father I'd be...

I recent came across an article in Men's Vogue titled 'The Heartbreak Kid' and I had to laugh to myself. The writer (minus the fact that he grew up privilidged) reminds me so much of what both my friends and I always joked what type of father I'd be. In the article writer John Brodie discusses how he's already begun teaching his son Nicholas how to be a well-dressed young man. Some might say this is a bit ridiculous. John, I say, "Spot on good sir. Spot on!" Haha!

They also had an article that preceeded this one that featured a guide to buying classy kid's clothes.

This is definitely going to be me. Mini Me's going to be just like daddy...

Polo Princeton jacket. Pink oxford buttondown. Preston pant. Scarf. Braided Havana belt.

Little Marc Jacobs blazer. Black tuxedo pants. Buttondown shirt. Converse All-Stars.

Ralph Lauren blue jeans. Best & Co Cashmere sweater, blue cotten belt. All-Star black boots.

Hickey Freeman chocolate colored suit, Pink cotton buttondown shirt. Brown leather desert boots by J. Crew.

Crewcuts puffer jacket. Premium chino. Hunter Wellies. Whiteford tartan buttondown shirt by Crewcuts.

Crewcuts boys cashmere cable cardigan. Classic fleece sweatpants. Broken-in canvas sneakers by Crewcuts.

Brooks Brothers classic three-button prep clazer. Non-Iron forward point glen plaid dress shirt. Guard stripe tie. Penny loafers. Classic leather belt. Crewcuts wool herringbone pants.